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    5 Въпроса с PetPanda: Gio Diev

    Джио Методиев –  човекът, който стои зад един от най-успешните фешън брандове  в момента – GIO DIEV, се съгласи да отговори на моите пет въпроса. Имам удоволствието да сме се запознавали лично и мога…

    май 23, 2015
  • Advertising Fashion

    Louboutin’s Paris Campaign

    Как няма да се влюбиш в Louboutin и Париж след като видиш това? Страхотна кампания! === How can you not fall in love with Louboutins and Paris after seeing this? Amazing campaign- Autumn/ Winter 2012 Look…

    октомври 30, 2012
  • Fashion

    Aldo: In Sofia Already!

    So guess who also came to town quietly this weekend?!? Aldo! The Canadian shoe retailer landed in our capital this weekend, and unlike another very glamorous and talked-about event gathered almost no attention. The…

    март 14, 2012
  • Fashion

    OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

    After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and…

    февруари 11, 2012
  • Fashion

    OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

    Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful…

    февруари 8, 2012
  • Fashion

    Sexy, Shocking, Seductive

    Absolutely love the short look book type videos lately. (remember the Alexander Wang from last week?) This week I am loving Biran Atwood Sexy, Shocking, Seductive video promo for the resort collection. It is very very…

    ноември 16, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Share a Choo

    I absolutely love the Jimmy Choo campaign about sharing our Choo stories. Choo-fans can share their love on the website in the Choo Connection section and the pictures are posted in the brand’s fan page…

    май 31, 2011
  • Beauty from Tumblr: Omg! Shoes!

    It is time to chill, put the weekend shoes on and have fun! The beauty from my Tumblr today is all about shoes!   And this is what heaven looks like 🙂…

    май 20, 2011
  • Fashion

    Is Renting the New Shopping?

    How many pieces of clothing do you own that you have felt in love with in the store, and you bought them, and then they have been there on the hanger in your closet…

    май 18, 2011
  • Likey

    Beauty from Tumblr: It’s Spring Time

    I can write pages about how much joy the peeps who I follow on my tumblr bring me.  All I can do is share some of the gorgeous photos. Spring has sprung, and it…

    май 14, 2011
  • Fashion

    Let’s Talk About Love!

    I’m in absolute lust! My heart rate is up, I feel butterflies and I see these shoes even when I close my eyes! One word – gorgeous!!! McQueen is still a force! No doubt!…

    април 16, 2011
  • Fashion


    [slideshow] published their Spring 2011 Shoes… and after more than an hour of lusting, salivating and saying „Oh My God, Shoes!“, these are the ones that „rule“ for me. I tried to get…

    ноември 21, 2010
  • Fashion

    Surprise!!! How About Some Manolos for Xmas?!

    Shop It To Me just let me know about this amazing surprise! Love the site anyway, as it is like a collection of everything fabulous that happens around the fashion web. Definitely worth checking…

    ноември 17, 2010
  • Fashion

    Hottest Shoes of the Season?!

    I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians today and saw Kim wear these amazing shoes, very Alexander McQueen Lobster-claw-ish but not really. Few minutes later, while the show was still on,  I was…

    октомври 20, 2010