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    Връзки с Блогъри: Що е То?

    От доста време ми се иска да напиша тази статия, защото като човек, който има перспектива и от двете страни на барикадата съм се нагледала на много неща и ми се иска да споделя…

    май 10, 2016
  • Books Social Media

    5 въпроса с Petpanda: Emil Conrad

    Напоследък много се зашумя за него. Дори в Капитал имаше статия на която той беше фокус. Книгата му пожъна небивал и неочакван успех –  опашка от тийнове пред книжарница! А той е мил, добър…

    февруари 12, 2015
  • Beauty Social Media

    Brand time: Moroccanoil

    I am a fan of brands. I like brands that stand behind a mission and create goals that are beyond just earning money. And because I believe we should know what we use, beyond…

    ноември 1, 2014
  • Happening Now Social Media

    [TAG] Моите 5 TED видеа

    Обещах да споделя петте TED видеа, които са ми много любими и след няколко часово гледане на видео тази вечер, (Болна съм и пазя леглото така или иначе) открих, че някои от първите видеа,…

    март 6, 2014
  • Social Media

    Моят неизнесен #TEDxMladostWomen talk

    Много ми хареса идеята за Моят неизнесен #TEDxMladostWomen talk. След като прочетох постове от Събина, Яна, Жустин и Ками, реших, че предизвикателстовото ми харесва и ще седна да помисля за какво бих говорила. Ето това…

    декември 4, 2013
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    Заявка за участие – тук! За събитието – тук! Програма – тук! Защо?– За да сте част от нещо голямо, за да откриете повече за себе си, за да можете да учите от хора…

    ноември 25, 2013
  • Social Media

    YouTube Makes Me Weep!

    I am not sure if I am the only one crazy person, who cries at YouTube videos. You know full on tears coming down my face type of cry. I am falling for how…

    август 2, 2013
  • Fashion Social Media

    Better Than a Lookbook

    Alexander Wang presents the Resort 2012 Ready to Wear Collection in a much cooler digital format with fab soundtrack! Is this the future of the lookbooks? [youtube=] Probably a bit longer in seconds, but…

    ноември 12, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Officially Plus Business Pages

    The Google + business pages are not just a great myth that Google creates, they are here! As the great G says on their blog the business pages connect us with all the things…

    ноември 9, 2011
  • Social Media

    Slow Down: Enjoy Life You Pass By

      Source My best friends sent me this story today. I was living in DC at the moment this happened and I remember the news, but have forgotten the message itself. So yep –…

    септември 2, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Awesomeness in 100 Seconds

    [youtube=] The promo video for the opening of Westfield Stratford City in East London is more than creative! Love the „let’s go back in time“ concept that shows music, dance, fashion and surroundings. „Directed…

    септември 2, 2011
  • Social Media

    The Mobile Life of Secrets

    [youtube=] I have admitted my love affair with postsecret here before, so it is no surprise I am so excited and would share the news about the app that postsecret is launching this weekend. From…

    септември 2, 2011
  • Social Media

    For the Love of Big Cities and Simplicity

    [vimeo] Videos don’t have to be ridiculously directed and edited to be powerful. All you need is naturally great and powerful cast, so when I saw this video today I felt an incredible…

    септември 2, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Fashion Bloggers Galore

    As you probably know already I absolutely love Net-a-porter and spend immense amount of time on the site, it is just so much fun! So you can only imagine how excited I was, when I…

    юни 9, 2011
  • Likey Social Media

    PostSecret Love

    I have been in an affair with PostSecret since forever… perhaps since the blog started in 2005. I was a freshman in college and it was one of the biggest hits in the online world…

    юни 7, 2011
  • Beauty Social Media

    This is why I LOVE Sephora!

    It is two weeks before my birthday and I am not in a birthday mood yet. Guess how surprised I was when I found an image from sephora in my mailbox saying that it’s…

    юни 1, 2011
  • Beauty Fashion Social Media

    Bloglovin’: The Coveteur

    „It’s more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail – then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?“…

    юни 1, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Share a Choo

    I absolutely love the Jimmy Choo campaign about sharing our Choo stories. Choo-fans can share their love on the website in the Choo Connection section and the pictures are posted in the brand’s fan page…

    май 31, 2011
  • Social Media

    Where Ideas Come From

    [ted id=961] Haven’t shared a wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring video from TED, in quite a while. A friend shared this video on facebook, and although I have seen it quite some time ago, I…

    май 21, 2011