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Hello June!

June 7, 2017

I know that I have disappeared for a while, but as some of you may know I have relocated to Athens, Greece, at least for the next year. We just moved in our new apartment in the 1st of June, so I am getting back into the blogging grove, settling in and getting used to my new environment. As June is my most favourite month of the year (Birthday month FTW!) I decided to start with some goals setting.

Settle in

I am very anxious and like to do everything as soon as possible, but realize I need time to put everything in order. Definitely we are on the right track and just for a day put some of our things away, but I know that I need time to find a new place for everything, create a home that we love and actually get acquainted with this new place and live our best new life

Travel and sightsee

In order to get to know the area better we have planned to travel and see some of the sights, the beaches, the museums and the cool places. I know that a month is far from enough, but definitely would love to start exploring, and spend time travelling every weekend. There are so many things worth visiting just a short car ride away, that I am very excited about that.

Digital detox

For the past two and a half weeks I have been by myself, because I relocated first and then the boy came after. During those two weeks I have been in front of a screen at work, on my phone during the ride home, and then on my computer watching things, while on my phone looking at social media. I am all digitaled out. In June I will try to spend less time in front of a screen, and more time looking at the world around me. Or at least will try to break the habit of reaching for my phone constantly.

Work out more

Now when we have a humongous balcony and a very peaceful green view I really want to start my days with a bit of yoga, not just 1-2 times a week, but much more often.

Wrap up the week in a post.

It is an idea I have had very a very long time- to have a wrap up post every week, sharing the highlights of what I do, see, try, read, watch, eat, love… As we all know I am not the most consistent person, but definitely will do my best to have a weekly faves post this month with all the new things I am experiencing.

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