5 Things… to do when you have a bad day

January 27, 2016


Do something physical

Yeah, that comes from me, not the sportiest person in the world, but a physical activity takes your mind of the stress or the pressures of a bad day. Of course you have to do something you love and enjoy – run, walk, do yoga… for me it is zumba. Whatever it is, just spend half an hour doing it, get your blood running, heart beating and mind off.

Clear your mind

If you are not at all the sportsy kind then learn to meditate! Meditation is amazing, it takes your mind  to another level and eases your thoughts. I know it is easier to say than do, but if you learn how to calm your mind, you can use this skill any time you need it, even for five minutes at work. The key that I found to meditation is to let your mind go at first, don’t halt it, don’t suppress it, let it work and run around, and after that, after it has run it’s laps just focus on your breath and gaze into the darkness. Breath in, breath out, repeat several times, and you will feel so much better.

Create something

I am saying this, because I found this during our wedding preparation. Creating something with your hands relaxes your mind, because it lets you focus on something completely different.  Draw, paint, color or focus on an easy diy project, creating something again shifts your mind away and let’s you relax it, by focusing it on something that is more creative and beautiful.

Beautify yourself

Do your nails, have a little spa session and have a face mask, straighten your hair, even get in the shower and use the most amazing shower gel you have. In short create a relaxing, beautiful experience that let’s you focus on yourself and makes you forget the bad day, the stress, the job or the people who have made you upset. By spending time with yourself, focusing on yourself and making sure YOU feel beautiful, great and relaxed you are shifting the focus to something positive.

Eat something delicious

For me food is fixer upper, meaning that it makes me happy. I love to cook, it relaxes me, focuses me and takes me another world, so that I can get out of my funk. If you are not a cook or don’t enjoy cooking, you can always order in some comfort food, be it pizza or Chinese, some deliciousness will always make uп your mood. And in the worsт ever case scenario, if your day has been so bad, that you have to resort to desperate measures, I always recommend a bar of good chocolate. Leave it in your mouth, breathe in, and just let is dissolve and swallow your stress away.

These are my five pieces of advice for dealing with a bad day, stress and high levels of anxiety. I hope you find this helpful. Will be happy if you share with me some of your ways to cope with stress in the comments below!

And don’t forget, be fierce and just breathe!

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