Beauty Battle: Beauty Blender vs RT Miracle Complexion Sponge

January 23, 2016


I am pretty new on the sponge application bandwagon. I have used the little dispensable triangle sponges once upon a time, but they were soaking up way too much product and were pretty uncomfortable to use. So after a long period of just using my fingers, and then discovering the buffing brush by Real Techniques my make up application has evolved to new heights – yes, as high as $20 for a sponge, make up application. But because, the decision to spend $20 or 16 pounds on a sponge is not easy, I tried out the much cheaper version first. Now when I have been using both for more than a couple of months, I can cross my heart, sit down and write a little review about my experience with them. So, ladies, welcome to the first beauty battle on the blog –  Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Complexion Sponge


Both sponges are for make up application, both are round and both should be used damp. When they get wet both expand their size about two times and become much softer to touch. I personally wet and squeeze them out, and then wrap them quickly in a towel.



The Beauty Blender costs $20 and can be bought at Sephora or Selfridges,

The Real techniques Miracle Complexion sponge costs $6 and can be bought at Ulta or Feelunique, among others.


Look is obvious but just to clarify – the Beauty Blender is a bright pink color and the RT sponge is orange. In terms of product features both sponges are pretty much the same size when wet. The RT beauty sponge has a flat bottom, and the Beauty Blender is egg-shaped with no edges, both have a little pointy tip on top for tiny nooks on the face.


Here is where the difference comes in. When wet the Beauty Blender has totally different texture than the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge. It is more springy, bouncy and airy, as the RT Sponge is much softer, denser and a bit more cottony, as the BB is a bit more plasticy or let’s say not as natural feeling in your hands.



Both sponges do basically the same job- apply foundation and concealer beautifully, but there are some differences.

The Beauty Blender soaks in less product in my opinion, and applies it a bit more airy.

The RT Miracle complexion Sponge applies the product a bit more dense and gives me fuller coverage.

When wetting them, the BB can be squeezed almost dry, as the RT Sponge always has a bit more water in it. Perhaps that is the reason for the difference in application.

The flat bottom of the RT Sponge is much easier for applying foundation on the cheeks and forehead, but the springier texture of the Beauty Blender is better for the little nooks around the nose and under the eyes.

Keeping up:

Here comes the big difference in my opinion. I clean both sponges before every make up application, just because I am bit grossed out to reuse them if they have been staying in damp, with all the product and dust in them.

The RT Sponge gets stained, is harder to clean and mine gets little cuts and tears all over it all the time. Actually since the first time I got it wet the RT sponge got little nail marks from squeezing, as if my nails cut through it. The Beauty Blender is easier to clean and is much more durable in my opinion. Again this is coming from the difference in textures. The Beauty Blender also doesn’t get stained that easily. The thing that bugs me about it though, is that when I am washing it, the water that is rinsing out is bright pink, still after tens of times of washing, the water runs out pink- that leads me to thinking that it has been dyed with some very strong pigmented dye. I haven’t really read about this pink issue in other blogs, so it be just mine, but I do have to report it.



Both make up sponges are very good. The RT Miracle Complexion Sponge is cheaper, but it is much more fragile, the Beauty Blender seems more durable, but is more than twice the price. So if you would like to keep up the hype and splurge, go ahead and get the Beauty Blender. If you are budget baller you will be with just as amazingly applied foundation using this as well.  For me it is really a tie, I cannot say the two are dupes, as there are differences, but at the end of the day they both do the same job equally well.

What do you think? Have you tried either of them? I would love to know your opinion!




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