Looking back, seeing forward: 2016 Resolutions

January 1, 2016

In recent years, in the last days of the old year or in the first days of his new one, I usually post a list with desires, goals and ideas for next year. This has happened for several years now – I have posts for 2012 and 2013, and  as 2014 began in New York the to do list basically ended there. 🙂

Last year I set a list of 10 things to do / change / began to do in 2015. Now, at the end of 2015, looking  back at that list, I feel pretty good about it because I have a success rate of 90%. 9 out of 10 is pretty good indeed. And what I have  not done is to go to for a full on make up at MAC, but instead it went and had my makeup done in INGLOT.

Some of the wishes for 2015 were more opportunistic, others more personal, but overall 2015 was a wonderful year – I turned 30, we had a wonderful wedding, visited six new countries, was godmother, we went to a few weddings, I was invited to countless blogger events, participated in my first blogmas, already have a YouTube channel and that’s not all … Life is good, and opportunities hide everywhere.

For 2016, I do not want to make a list of 10 points as a to do list, but I want to continue to receive various opportunities, to say yes more often, and to be fearless in taking important decisions.

Happy New Year!

I wish you to be fearless, open and happy! Be fierce!


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