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5 Things: Essentials for the Carrer Girl

September 2, 2015


1. A bag for your laptop, that is not a laptop bag.

A cool accessory that lets you carry around your life (read your laptop) but is cool, cute and is not dorky and boring like a ordinary messenger laptop bag. My personal advise is to look for deep bags with two handles, that look sturdy.

My personal bag, that I double as a laptop bag sometimes is from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection from a couple of years ago, and I still love it deeply.

2. Cool blazer.

Make it count – something that is a statement – be it the color, the cut or even the buttons. A blazer is on of the most universal pieces of clothing, as you can dress it up or dress it down, accessorise it easily and feel pretty badass in it. Personal advice – get one that fits well, so that you can move easily and don’t feel restricted.

3. A pair of killer shoes

I am a flats type of girls, so I am showing you my faves, which are all flats. A killer pair of shoes can give the needed “umpf!” to a very conservative outfit and can elevate your walk and posture. Remember – shoes should be comfortable, so that you don’t think how much your feet hurt during an important meeting (been there, done that!)


4. A cool business card holder

This is the thing that everybody notices when you get it out of your bag. It can be quirky and show personality or it can be conservative and clean. It all depends on you and how you want to come off to the people you are meeting with. I personally prefer some more color and personality in my card-holder, it is a good conversation starter and warms people up.

I do love my Pylones card holder, by now after years of use and abuse it is pretty sad looking, so I have changed it with a handmade leather card holder that I love so much because it looks very grown up.

5. Statement-power jewellery

Jewellery makes you shine and be different. A statement piece is something that is noticable and easily remembered. It can me a very signature small piece such as a Tiffany Key or your lucky charm, or it can be a great, huge neck piece. But whatever it is, make it your own and put some meaning into it.

For me: Lately I love two statement pieces – a gold key that resembles the Tiffany’s and is a gift from my mom and a silver arrow that is on a long chain. Both are very meaningful and remind me of determination, direction and

BONUS: A signature scent: Absolutely love Narciso Rodriguez’ For Her. It is very complex and sophisticated scent, that is playful at the same time.

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