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5 Things to Carry in Your Bag at All Times

August 19, 2015

bag essentials

I consider myself a busy, urban, young professional and lately I have been meeting more and more people from that same kind. We are all in a hurry, running around town, with sunglasses and big bags. But what are the five essentials that every young urban girl should carry in that big bag? Here are my thoughts…

1. Your business card – essential! You never know when a good contact will cross your way and it would bee needed to give out your contact details. If you do not have a business card, create one that is beautiful and eye catching.

I carry mine in my wallet if I am on the go or my card-holder if I am going to a meeting/or carrying my big purse.

2. Smart-phone aka my right hand aka my life. I personally go nowhere without my iPhone, it is my calendar, my social networks, my email, my notebook and my camera in one device. But… in order to keep it alive most of the time I carry my charger with me.

3. Pen and a cute notebook. You never know when you have to actually have to write something (note – not type!) So looking for inspiration and trying to capture the moment I always carry a pen and a little pad of paper with me, just in case. Currently I am carryin a little notebook from IKEA and my Parker Pen.

4. Touch up and refresh kit. Make up is part of my life and trying to look good at all times means having a little make up bag/pouch in the purse with me almost always – blotting powder, lip balm, a little perfume, breath freshener, wet wipes, bobby pins and a hair tie. Simply essentials.

5.Cash. This is a tough one, as a person who have lived in countries, where cash is almost not used I am always the one who has to go to the ATM, but sometimes… cash is all you can pay with and no cash means no money. So I have a few banknotes in my wallet with me.

Bonus: a USB stick. Because having a blog means carrying around pictures and files.

Which are your 5 essentials? Would you add something to mine?


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