Timing is everything for Levi’s

август 10, 2011


Levi’s new European ad campaign, created by W+K, is out.  It is looking to ensure a better future for the world, engage with young people and through enigmatic words and strong visuals to talk in a way very few ads talk. The ad is terrific. It is strong, very visual and talks to your deepest ambitions and desires. It is all about going forth and shaping your own better future. A message that is much stronger than just, buy a pair of jeans. However, the timing is horrible!

London is on fire, due to youngsters rioting on the street of the city, and sad, but true this spirit of freedom and changing the world can definitely be read in a wrong way. This is how important timing is. Ads carry the spirit of the society, and when the society is on fire, it is not a good idea to put oil in it. I am not completely agreeing to the bloggers, who bash the ad as violent. It is one of these pieces that talk to your subconscience and you read it through your own lens and experience.

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