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юли 24, 2011

Few months ago Fergie went blond again, for Avon Advance Techniques Hair Dye. Since then she has won an award for Outspoken for Avon, created another fragrance Outspoken Intense and is on top of the charts with BEP.

So the magical formula of the 3-step hair colorants are here for all of us now!

Being a cosmetics fanatic and having had more hair colors on my hair than most of my friends together, I am super excited that I will be able to try the magical formula. The pre-step obviously does not let the dye damage the hair to the extend that most of the other products and brands do.

There are many many shades that you can choose from, and most of them are super natural-looking.

Huge thanks and admirations to the AVON publicists in Bulgaria for sending me this wonderful goodie bag, so I can try the products! Perhaps next weekend I will venture in the land of new-hair, and pick a box. Haven’t decided yet whether I want to be dark blonde or mahogany. 🙂

 Just a side note– the brush that was in the goodie bag is simply amazing! I am using a fab hair brush from the Body Shop right now, but this one is simply incredible! Thank you so much Avon!

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