It’s All About the Dior Lashes

май 20, 2011

Have ever had this moment in Sephora or another beauty store, when you go in and you know exactly what you want and there is not a single second thought about it. It doesn’t happen often, there are so many choices – brands, shades, products that your head usually spins. Especially me as a person who have trouble making choices (Gemini you know…)

I have been like that for everything. I envy the people who have found their scent, but I get too tired of the same perfume. Envy the people who have found their lipstick shade – well I need change! But there is one thing that is always the same – the lashes! I have tried probably every single mascara there is, or at least had a friend who has tried it and there is one that I have been using for years. (not even going to say the exact number of little black/silver tubes I have gone through, but it cannot fit on the fingers of both hands).

This magical product that I am addicted to and can recommend to probably everyone is Diorshow mascara, in black, not waterproof (bought the waterproof one, and it is proof indeed!)

It is amazing! The lashes are full and wonderful, it lasts until you need it to last, and the humongous brush makes it super easy to apply it. It truly makes the most of the lashes, and even as a person who has been blessed with long full lashes, I can’t even step of the house without it on.

So why I decided to share all that? Because the moment when you decide something better is out there, and that 25 Euro for mascara is too much. So I tried other stuff, but like a good addict it all let me back to Dior. Now I decided I should spread the secret, so everyone has an extra sparkle in their eyes. Maybe then the world will be a better place 🙂

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