Jingle Bells and Happy Holidays

November 22, 2010

It is late November, and you know what that means!?!? Christmas is all around us. Yes, I know, I know… there is whole month till the holiday, but it is never to early to start a little preparation!

One of the first steps- Stationery! Who doesn’t love receiving amazing, custom made, hand crafted, beautiful Christmas card?! However for the less crafty folk out there (me included), sitting down with ribbons, card-stock and glittery glue is not really an option. Thank God, for great bespoke stationery that could be easily found around the web. One click away, without glittery mess, you can find some great and classy Christmas cards for fam and friends…

Romeo + Juliet Stationery


Purple Mountain Designs


Tartan Zebra Stationery


The Wren Press


Heritage Stationery

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