Project Runway Finale- What a Shocker!!!

October 29, 2010

So guess what? Project Runway finale was last night… it was two hours, Jessica Simpson was the guest judge, and oh, shocker, Mondo did NOT win.

I was a surprised and shocked  when Heidi announced Gretchen was the winner. But I mean, weren’t we all!?!?

When they presented all their collections it was quite obvious that Mondo’s collection was the only one that could be described as a fashion show. He had the drama, the accessories, the colors, the prints… It was funky and yet wearable…

Gretchen’s on the other side was kind of  “blah”. Yes the jewelry was great, but she had it made for her. The colours were very earthy and a bit boring, and everything looked like a safari Barbie outfits…

It is interesting also to see Mondo’s reaction to the situation. He call’s Gretchen “mundane”… see for yourself on the Lifetime website where are designers’ videoblogs are posted.

What do you think? Was Micheal Kors right that Gretchen is what is coming up and trendy?

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