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Can a Phone Change the Society We Live In?! Really?!

октомври 21, 2010

So there is this new windows 7 phone ad… Is it bad that I don’t get it?! Am I missing something? Are THEY missing something… Watched it like 4 times, laughed, but I still don’t get it! Really?!

AdAge just informed us that this ad has been viewed the most on other mobile devices such as BlackBerries and iPhones… well duh! And why is that, because people actually act the way they are portrayed on the ad. Really! But the thing is that we are not addicted to our phones, we are addicted to being connected.To constantly having an inflow of information. I mean, I am on my iphone pretty much all the time because it brings me news, texts, gossip, emails… push notifications of all sorts that the world is out there waiting for me to know all the things that are happening… but then I am on my phone reading about them and not really experiencing the world that is around me.

But I don’t think it is my phone’s fault. Because if it wasn’t an iPhone, it would be a crackberry, or a droid, or any other device with internet connection- laptop, computer, ipad, any other tablet or gadget that brings me information! Or for crying out loud, I was checking my phone for texts constantly even before 3G was invented!

So my question dearest Windows, how will your phone change that?!

Your ad is a very accurate portrayal of our society. Very to the point! Really! But does your phone send the information directly to my brain through some sort of electrical impulses so I know what is going on without actually having to look at my phone?! If it is so you right on point and I am definitely considering your phone! But if not… I still don’t get it.


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  • Reply Jeff Greenhouse октомври 21, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    The ad is hilarious and dead-on true. That said, the only way this new phone is going to save us from that behavior is if it is so painful to use that we decide not to use it. Given we’re talking about Windows, that could be their strategy 😉

    – Jeff

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