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     Photo source Идва време за смяна на сезоните, смяна на гардероба, почивки и забава, свързана с харчене на пари (разумно), за това реших да направя кратичък таг свързан с пазаруването и шопохолизмът. 1. Можеш…

    април 25, 2015
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    Super Cool Decor/Gift Ideas

    While I was shopping for Christmas gifts last month, I found out the coolest little gadgets ever. The little jewelry stands or just pieces of flair are in various tree shapes and sizes… oh…

    януари 7, 2012
  • Fashion

    Is Renting the New Shopping?

    How many pieces of clothing do you own that you have felt in love with in the store, and you bought them, and then they have been there on the hanger in your closet…

    май 18, 2011
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    Etsy’s Treasures: Beautiful Necklaces

    I really love There are so many little gems there. I wrote about gorgeous necklaces sometime ago, and today again I found a wonderful shop that i find amazing! Ringostone’s jewelry really reminds me of…

    май 13, 2011