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    In the Green Kitchen: Плодова Вода

      Watermelon + Mint It is so light and sweet! I love the freshness of the mint in combination with sweetness of the watermelon. Grapefruit + Rosemary It is the most potent one in…

    юли 30, 2015
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    Kitchen Inspirations

    So all summer we have been renovating our apartment, the kitchen and the bathroom in particular. This calamity kind of explains why I have not been posting here as often as I would have…

    ноември 9, 2013
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    The Perfect Baking Set

    I haven’t salivated over Anthropologie amazingness for quite some time, and now as we are starting a huge renovation project for my kitchen, I feel the need to look for the perfect kitchenware, of…

    август 4, 2013
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    Wishlist for the Kitchen

    Mind Your Manners Place Mats   Symphony Cake Plate & Dome Dining Room Measuring Spoons Spotless Juicer…

    февруари 24, 2013
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    On the Move Again: Kitchen from Anthropologie

    I am moving again to a new flat, and as with every move I am overwhelmed with decorating the new place, choosing the right accessories and of course making it as homey and me…

    ноември 14, 2011