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    OMG! Best Chicken Recipe

    We had an extremely delicious culinary weekend at home. I have got to share this amazing Chicken Parmesan recipe. I needed something plain and delicious to serve with the Spicy squash and apples chutney…

    януари 12, 2014
  • Food

    Coconut, almond, agave cookie deliciousness

    I made my first sugar-free and flour-free cookies are done. I am very very proud, because it is a made up recipe and they turned out pretty delicious!!! The ingredients are very simple: 2…

    януари 7, 2014
  • Food

    My First Hummus

    I have been thinking of making amazing hummus for long time, but to be honest have been afraid to experiment because it always seemed so complicated. So after some good research I found a…

    октомври 15, 2013
  • Food

    Sunday Baking Joy: Oatmeal cookies

    I don’t even like Oatmeal cookies, but it is January and we all are trying to eat better. So in order to make something that is not ridiculously bad and delicious, I decided to…

    януари 8, 2012
  • Likey

    Time for Something Pretty and Sweet

    You know when you decide to go on a cleanse, and then all the ferocious cravings just cripple in your mind, and there are little things that you miss, want, need, and badly fantasize about?…

    май 2, 2011