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    Beauty Wishlist for 2017

    Всяка година си правя wish list с продукти, които искам да пробвам. Не винаги стигам до купуването им през годината, но пък за сметка на това ми служат като архив от какво съм се…

    януари 11, 2017
  • Beauty Fashion and Style

    Есенен Таг

    Много благодаря на Калина от Midnight Rain, която ме тагна за този пост.  От много време мислех да го направя и сега бидейки тагната се чувствам задължена да намеря време да понапиша този пост. Есен…

    ноември 18, 2015
  • Fashion

    5 Must Have Investment Pieces

    When it comes to spending money, I am fantastically skilled at it, but lately I have been thinking about what is actually worth spending my hard earned money on and what can be disregarded,…

    януари 11, 2015
  • Beauty

    Как да избера парфюм?

    Едно от най-трудните решения, които правим е изборът на парфюм. Особено днес, когато отидем в Sephora и имаме стотици различни парфюми -от плодови, цветни или леки  до по-наситени аромати. Да направиш правилиния избор и да…

    август 30, 2014
  • Advertising Fashion

    The art of beautiful advertising

    For a long time I haven’t shared fashion ads that impress me, and curiously two of the best ad campaigns for Fall 2014 feature my fave model – Karlie Kloss. The two ad campaigns…

    август 17, 2014
  • Fashion

    Inside Chanel: The Jacket

    Another great fashion history video. The Chanel jacket is a classic, a statement, a piece of art. Here is a bit of its rich history based on the innovative views and futuristic outlook of…

    март 15, 2013
  • Fashion

    Inside Chanel: Chanel N5

    For all of us the history of fashion buffs Chanel created a series of videos letting us deep into the curious facts revealing the brand. The first one I am going to share is…

    март 14, 2013
  • Fashion

    Spring 2013 in Black and White

    Черно и бяло ми е най-любимата комбинация и е чудесно, че е гореща тенденция според всички от модния свят. === Black and white is my favouritest combinations, and it is wonderful that all the…

    януари 11, 2013
  • Fashion

    Karlie in True Blue for Vogue Australia

     Karlie is magnificent in this shoot for Vogue Australia. Shot by  Kai Z Feng and styled by fashion editor Naomi Smith,  in this stunning and sultry tale, Karlie wears some of the most gorgeous fashions of the season.…

    февруари 3, 2012
  • Fashion

    Paris-Bombai at 31 Rue Cambon

    After my state of wide eyed, dreamy, OMG-ness from last week when writing about the Coveteur and Chanel, I never thought something better might be posted on their amazing blog. But alas, there is time…

    декември 10, 2011
  • Fashion

    Die for Chanel

                    The Coveteur is one of my favourite reads. A daily inspiration source. And of course a site full of amazing lust-worthy fashion items. The latest post…

    ноември 30, 2011
  • Beauty Fashion

    All I Want for Christmas Part 3: Chanel

    I am a book lover, and when it comes to christmas list, there is nothing better than receiving books. Especially amazingly pretty books about Chanel! Presented in the label’s signature quilted leather and adorned with the…

    ноември 28, 2011
  • Fashion

    Best of SS 2012 Collections

      There are so many wonderful pieces in all the Spring Summer 2012 collections. Colours, trends, textures, silhouettes, an endless variety of pieces that make us dream of fashion. But then if you have…

    ноември 13, 2011
  • Fashion Social Media

    Inside Karl Lagerfeld’s Mind

    „I want to see the images of my imagination“ [youtube=] Business of Fashion published an exclusive interview with Chanel’s mastermind. Karl talks with Imran Amed about fashion, media, internet and the world… Love the ending-…

    ноември 20, 2010
  • Fashion

    Chanel Lust

    Can we talk about perfection? Variety? How about classic with a twist? I read about Chanel’s press day on The Clothes Whisperer some time ago, and now Red Carpet Fashion Awards are also posting…

    ноември 17, 2010
  • Fashion

    Surprise!!! How About Some Manolos for Xmas?!

    Shop It To Me just let me know about this amazing surprise! Love the site anyway, as it is like a collection of everything fabulous that happens around the fashion web. Definitely worth checking…

    ноември 17, 2010