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  • Fashion

    Daily Obsession: La Mer Watches

    Много ми харесват „овивните“ часовници и си търся перфектното ново украшение за китката ми. Така попаднах на часовниците La Mer. Ей така, просто, без да искам… на pinterest най-прекрасните часовници са точно с тази марка. Сега…

    януари 11, 2013
  • Beauty

    Beauty from Tumblr: Magnolia Blossom

    One of the best parts of living in the South in the US was the spring with the most amazing blossoming magnolia trees. Let me reminisce for just a second with this post 🙂 All…

    юни 9, 2011
  • Advertising

    A Blast from the Ad Past

    [youtube=]  Remember when this was super cool and magical? I just decided to share it again, because so many years after it was made, it still carries a super powerful message. That is the…

    май 17, 2011