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    PLUS STYLE: Разкодка из София

    Някои недели времето е разкошно, косата ти изглежда прекрасно и най-добрият ти приятел току що се е върнал от ваканция, и всичко от което имаш нужда е малко цвят, слънчеви очила и приятно място…

    август 23, 2015
  • Food Home

    The Perfect Baking Set

    I haven’t salivated over Anthropologie amazingness for quite some time, and now as we are starting a huge renovation project for my kitchen, I feel the need to look for the perfect kitchenware, of…

    август 4, 2013
  • Food

    Wishlist for the Kitchen

    Mind Your Manners Place Mats   Symphony Cake Plate & Dome Dining Room Measuring Spoons Spotless Juicer…

    февруари 24, 2013
  • Fashion

    For the love of black lace!

      Shirt and skirt – H&M, dress – anthropologie. What is more gorgeous than black lace? Really? === Какво е по-хубаво oт черна дантела?      …

    юли 26, 2012
  • Fashion

    OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

    After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and…

    февруари 11, 2012
  • Fashion

    OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

    Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful…

    февруари 8, 2012
  • Home

    On the Move Again: Kitchen from Anthropologie

    I am moving again to a new flat, and as with every move I am overwhelmed with decorating the new place, choosing the right accessories and of course making it as homey and me…

    ноември 14, 2011
  • Fashion

    Strike a Balance with Anthropologie

    As I have written multiple times I am a huge Anthropologie fan! Anthro always takes me a step further, and I pay a huge tribute to it, because working there for about a year…

    октомври 17, 2011
  • Fashion

    Things for Summer

    Here are some favourites, for the summer that is approaching with the speed of light. Absolutely love the Nathalie bathing Suit from Anthropologie! It is so classy and retro, very much a glam bombshell…

    юни 9, 2011
  • Fashion

    Color is all you need!

    In addition to the colourful bedding I wrote about, now I am dying for colourful pillows. Having worked at Anthropologie for sometime, I acquired the flair for layering textures and patterns in a way that is just…

    май 23, 2011
  • Beauty

    Let the Sunshine in with Colorful Bedding

    Summer is just around the corner, and there is nothing like the colours of may and june – the green trees, all shades of pink flowers everywhere, the bright sunshine. These colours take us…

    май 21, 2011
  • Fashion

    Anthropologie November Catalog: A World of Wonder

    The November Anthropologie catalog is out and it is indeed magical! Featuring a lama with necklaces, paper butterflies and cardboard sheep, these whimsical dreamy shots transport you to a world of wonder where you lose yourself…

    ноември 1, 2010
  • Fashion

    Comfy in Style

    I know it is more usual for fashionista bloggers to talk about high heels and red carpet gowns, but lately I started thinking of how can we be fashionable and cool when we are home,…

    октомври 22, 2010
  • Fashion

    It Is TRUE!

    My amazingly favourite fashion brand Anthropologie is opening its first Accessories Store! And it is nowhere else but in the DC area – Chevy Chase, Md. The coveted date is October 29th! It was announced officially…

    октомври 19, 2010