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    On the Tenth Day of Christmas: DIY Аромати

    Днес искам да ви споделя чудесен начин да ароматизирате дома си по празниците. Много обичам свещи, но понякога една свещ не е достатъчна да се пребори с ароматите, които се носят вкъщи по празниците……

    декември 23, 2015
  • Beauty Home

    Life and Beauty Hacks

    Put a spoonful of sugar and few drops of bleach in the vase to keep flowers alive for longer. The beach/vodka kill the germs and the sugar feeds the flowers.   Use a spaghetti…

    август 13, 2014
  • Food Home

    The Perfect Baking Set

    I haven’t salivated over Anthropologie amazingness for quite some time, and now as we are starting a huge renovation project for my kitchen, I feel the need to look for the perfect kitchenware, of…

    август 4, 2013
  • Home

    Our Wonderful Summer Balcony-Garden

    I am a proud owner of a balcony-garden this summer. It has been a dream for super long time, and a month ago along with the boy, we planted a bunch of flowers and…

    май 29, 2013