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  • Happening Now

    Beyonce на корицата

    Queen Bey е на корицата на списание Time, в изданието за 100 Most Influential People. Това е изненада защото обикновено на такива корици са хора които се занимават с бизнес, технологии или други променящи…

    април 27, 2014
  • Music

    Beyonce wins the Grammys

    [youtube] Yesterday we were talking about her and how amazing she is, and how even people listening to comepletely different music would see her live. Well that is why! Queen B is amazing,…

    януари 27, 2014
  • Advertising Fashion

    Summer with H&M and Beyonce

    [youtube] The video is directed by Jonas Åkerlund in Nassau, the Bahamas. The music is the newest beyonce track – Standing on the Sun. Looking at the pics and the video all I am…

    април 25, 2013