5 Holy Grail Products

October 3, 2015


Nuxe Reve de Miel

It took me quite a while to decide that I would like to test this product and buy it. Generally I always thought it was just another lip balm and so what … but! although it is just another lip balm, this lip balm is the best I’ve ever tried – soft, gentle, nourishing, with the sweet aroma of honey and the only one that totally transformed my lips overnight. And to top everything a little goes a long way with it.  My only negative about it is that you must stick your finger in the packaging and the product to get it out and you put it on your lips with your finger. But as I actually use it as a mask for lips mainly in the evening, I try to always use it with clean hands or otherwise my slightly germaphobic self gets bothered.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Best micellar water ever. Really. The hype is true! I have tried many other brands, but this is simply the best micellar water, although the pricetag is a bit steep. Still worth it, because it magically removes any makeup on my face, cleans even mascara, does not sting the eyes and is like using just water to clean your skin. I do not know what’s inside, I do not know how it does what it does, nor I know how the magic happen, but I do know that it is with a holy grail status in my drawer with cosmetics.

Weleda Skinfood *

Another product that is a favorite of many people and totally did not disappoint even a little. This rich and nourishing cream does wonders, especially in the colder months when my hands feel like a desert and need extra care. In the summer it  is wonderful for elbows, heels and any other dry patches on the body. I’ve written a very detailed review in the blog – click here, where I explain why, how and how much.

Essie Urban Jungle

Perhaps my favorite color nail polish – fresh and bright enough for the warmer months, but somewhat greyish and pastel in tone, suitable for autumn and winter. It was my first varnish by Essie, which I bought , and although it is followed by a few more, I have much love and appreciation for this unique shade.

Rimmel by Kate 107

The perfect red lipstick. I do not know whether because of Zoella, whom I like, praises it, or because everyone else is crazy about it, this lipstick was my obsession for a bit and my expectations were sky high- matt finish, perfect dark red, pigmented color with berry under-tones, does not dry lips brutally, lasts well enough, and  iit is at  a good price. What more can you ask for. Definitely earned holy grail status in the collection.


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