5 tips to be successful in your career

September 17, 2015


1. Learn to choose your right priorities.

– Often I feel overwhelmed with work and have so many tasks that my google calendar feels tired. In order to do everything and not feel crazy and stressed I learned to prioritise. There was a great book I read that talks about the four quadrants of work tasks – 1. urgent and important, 2. urgent but not important, 3. important but not not urgent, and 4. not important and not urgent. When you create your To Do list always place each task in this order. It will make your life much easier.

2. Learn to say no.

– I am an overachiever. I jump at opportunities and am open for everything positive that comes my way. Well the “always say yes” practise can get you in a swamp of tasks, projects, responsibilities, promises and favors. Learn to say “No” at things that you actually do not want to do. It is a difficult task, but it will save you a lot of hassle. And a bonus point to this advise – do not pay attention and do not care what other people will think of you if you refuse something, you do not want to do, especially if you have a valid reasoning behind it. If you explain yourself well, why the answer is “no”, they will understand.

3. Learn to listen and appreciate.

– Your coworkers can teach you a lot of things. Listen and appreciate their advise. No, you do not know everything on this planet. And yes, there is always room to grow and learn. Listen to the people around you and you will be much more successful and valued.

4. Always have next steps for your goals.

– A goal with no next steps is just a wish. When you want to achieve something always create a plan in steps and deadlines for that wish, then it turns into a goal that can be achieved easily. And yes, deadline is a key word, it is know what should be accomplished when.

5. Be organized.

– Last but not least, be organized. Even if it is an organized mess, still be organized. Make sure you know where you save your files. Keep a calendar with your meetings. Keep a notebook with your tasks and To Do lists. Organization is key to success, as it makes all the other steps easy.

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