Rihanna for River Island: Flop or Not

октомври 31, 2013



river island rihanna collection

Rihanna’s Collection for River Island is on and good to go! Ready for pre-order now, so we can see all the pieces that the songstress designed with the high street retailer. In all the ads and photo shoots with RiRi it looks quite luxurious. But when you go and actually browse through the pieces there is nothing that is quite that amazing, except maybe the tuxedo dress. Everything else is cropped tanks, pencil skirts and weird patterns and textures, including a faux fur trapper hat. (Seriously!?!) Rihanna has some crazy style and it looks great on her, it is just not my cup of tea when it comes to filling up my wardrobe, I guess. But then I am curious whether it is not going to go on sale pretty soon, just like the Kardashian Collection for Dorothy Perkins did. After all having a great style does not really mean that you can design clothes. Especially great looking, wearable clothes.  c20132210-rihanna-winter-aso-650

This is the one pretty great piece:

river island rihanna collection 1 river island rihanna collection 2

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    Love Rihanna’s style and River Island! <3 ~ Global Jewelry

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