Lenght and definition

март 8, 2013


I have done quite the legwork searching for the perfect mascara. I have tried everything from high end Dior and  YSL to drug store classics like L’Oreal and Rimmel. So far my all time favourite was the Diorshow, but since living in Bulgaria I am boycotting it because stores here sell it user-overpriced, I mean really. So my search for the amazing lash-bash led me to another new thing, which so far beats everyone else.

Artistry Lenght and Definition mascara is amazing! It is pricey indeed, but the quality is beyond expectations. It does not clump. It makes lashes fuller and longer. It does not smudge (even after hours and hours of staring at the computer and rubbing my eyes) and the most amazing of it all is when you decide to take it off.

Let’s talk about a normal evening routine of taking make up off- when the mascara time comes it is back to black all over the face, looking like a black-eyed panda. 🙂 With the Length and Definition mascara , there is not mess. The mascara comes in little flakes in your fingers when you wash your eyes and does not smudge or go in your eyes. Amazing! Have never ever seen anything like that, so I just got to share. Artistry mascara did impress me.
mascara artistry


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