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май 2012

  • Fashion

    H&M for Water

    Yesterday I got invited to a very cozy and wonderful event atthe H&M showroom. (Thank you Yana, dear!) The reason was to see and learn more about the new capsule collection H&M is rolling…

    май 29, 2012
  • Fashion

    Sweet treats

    You know those times what you are looking through Etsy and you find somethings simply described as AWESOME! The shop is called Real Fruit Jewelry and as they say they offer „Fresh, juicy looking,…

    май 22, 2012
  • Fashion


    [youtube] if there is something that is simply joy for the senses is this video. Versailles and Dior featuring Depeche Mode, to create 60 seconds of beauty. Speechless. === Ако има нещо, което абсолютно…

    май 4, 2012