Christina Curvy and Pretty for Marie Claire

януари 11, 2012

  There has been a lot of buzz lately about the newly curved body of Christina Aguilera. She disses everybody in an interview for Marie Claire by saying she feels great in her skin and loves her curves. Rock on Xtina! Only please wear clothes that are appropriate for size 10 and not size 2, definitely will look even better!

The photoshoot is more like a beauty shoot, close ups of the face and a lot of Photoshop involved, but still she is looking beautiful. It is good to feel great about yourself and love your body when your are not size 0. It takes a lot of strength and confidence and Christina is showing that in the interview. I am glad that the size stereotypes are changing with celebrities such as Adele and Xtina. They are famous for their voice and not their 90-60-90 measurements, and that is just fabulous!


Photos Marie Claire

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