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ноември 9, 2011

The Google + business pages are not just a great myth that Google creates, they are here! As the great G says on their blog the business pages connect us with all the things we care about. And indeed, it is true. There are several pages that launched the service, and Burberry, H&M and Macy’s are three of the pages that went live as the service began.  I am very impressed with the Burberry google+ page, not only because the heading images are animated (which I think is so cool) or because they have more than 12 thousand people who put the page in their circles, but because Burberry do it the right way – a right balance of product, personalization, insights and of course a personal video message from Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer to welcome the crowd on the new page. Score Burberry, as always in the online environment!

The other two pages H&M and Macy’s have around 11k followers and are not as impressive, but very much look like a normal typical facebook fanpage.

I am interested if Google will application and further customization of the pages in order to promote better the soul of the brands that are using the platform for promotion. Perhaps now I should spend more time on the platform to see what happens as more and more people and now brands are getting on. Looks promising.

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