Mulberry for Target: A Bit of a Drag

ноември 3, 2010

Just was in Target this evening and saw the Mulberry for Target collection for the first time in real life. I guess I am a bit late eh?

To be completely honest after I have read about them, and have seen press pictures and read the raving reviews… I must say I was a bit disappointed. I love Mulberry because their bags look classic,  natural, and soft and earthy. These ones were as away from nice leather as it can be, they looked cheap and felt even cheaper… well  it is true they were not expensive with prices ranging $34.99- $49.99, but still if you put your brand on something make it worth.

This pink leopard pattern is crazy! It definitely borderlines Juicy Couture and not Mulberry…


This one was my fave, although it looked a bit cheapy. Was the most classy of them all…

The clasp says Mulberry for Target, as if we would think it is the real thing…

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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