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Conan O’Brien’s Show Zero

ноември 3, 2010

So Coco got us a little sneak peek of the funny crazyness that is coming up early next week on TBS. It is pretty funny for a 240 second clip. Featuring Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory a.k.a. Jim Parsons, a piccolo player, 20 fans for audience and a band I have never heard of the 4 minute clip gives us a little taste of what to expect and it is as funny as could be.

Excitement is upon us for the next 6 days. I do hope Coco does not disappoint the gazillion fans he has out there tweeting and facebooking about him, although many of them did not know he actually has a TBS show lined up. After the huge social media buzz around him early this year let’s see what happens…


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