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It Gets Better!

октомври 22, 2010

I was watching Project Runway tonight, and it struck me on how many occasions they mentioned the difficulties that the  designers had to go through while growing up, and the issues they had with their families just because they are gay. With review of the serious incidents that happened in the past month or so I should give props to Project Runway for actually spending quite some time to shed light on the issue.

I am a firm believer that you are who you are no matter what your sexual orientation is, we are all people! Some of the most amazing people I know are gay and there is nothing wrong, bad, or unacceptable with that. However there is  still so much intolerance in this world! It should stop. Because being different is good. Being different makes us unique and ultimately makes us successful.

So going back to Project Runway- Tim Gunn and Micheal Kors have shared their stories as part of the It Gets Better project. Truly a step in the right direction. Even President Obama spoke on the issue (at last), although I am not going to go on about how much there is to be done to fight discrimination and stop bullying by him and his government… However indeed it all begins with small steps- changing people’s perceptions one by one, and us all being a bit nicer to each other, more and more, day by day.

Or as one of my amazing friends posted as her facebook status a couple of days ago:

“ „Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.“ Whatever your battle may be, and there are plenty in this world, it does get better.“




PS: I love Tim Gunn even more!


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