Happy Birthday H&M! But… please reconsider your marketing.

октомври 4, 2010

Going in the Metro the other day I was handed a pretty newspaper-like brochure, from which all I could read was FASHION. So I smiled, took it, said thank you and went to get on my train.

The pretty brochure was an ad for H&M, announcing they are celebrating their tenth birthday in the USA. That’s great I thought pretty pictures, sale, lovely message at the back… It took me less that 30 seconds to flip through it, as there was only one picture a page for the total of like six. The one thing that I noticed was that the paper was very heavy, and then I thought how many six page newspaper-like handouts have been given out , and then how many trees were killed before that to make these brochures, and how much money it costs to print them, and how many girls were wasting their time to hand them out… And it goes on… All the resources that were spent for me to look at that brochure for few seconds and perhaps throw it away (or recycle it, in my case). Was it all worth the price of the material hand out I was given…

And then I got to thinking about improving that campaign. So many ways… Like make that brochure digital. And/or use an email or a mobile bar-code and a digital ad that takes you to a blog or something… It is not that hard to figure out a way to make people see the same thing but using the little devices that are in everyones pockets- iphones, blackberies, droids, laptops. Of course to make it personal you can still have a little card handout or a pretty picture handout but not ten pages of heavy paper.

I wish fashion brands such as H&H used the advances in digital marketing better. There are so many things they can do to announce their H&M birthday sale that are a bit more creative, cheaper, and definitely better for the environment. All it takes is a little creativity and a good developer. And as for the heavy-duty paper if they want to kill trees, make the sheets into notebooks or drawing pads and give them to underprivileged children for education and creativity development.

PS: I very much apologize for the bad photos. I folded the ad to fit it in my purse, and then it never fully recovered to be photogenic enough…

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