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Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky

октомври 1, 2010

Few days ago my friends showed me the Double Rainbow video. It is one of those YouTube jewels that you can quote, and share, and post and re-post and still find funny. After all it has 16,740,534 views so far.


What does this mean!?

So when I saw it my first thought was- as so many people have a shared reference point with this video, why not use it commercially. Make an ad, do something cool with it… well I was not too far away from the truth. Microsoft used it as a theme for their Window Live Photo Gallery ad, featuring Yosemitebear himself.


Don’t want to be mean but the ad is kind of a blah… It is definitely not as epic as the original video… well I guess it is kind of a start. What do you think? How can all these viral videos that we all have seen and know and quote can be used in a way that is beyond YouTube and free sharing without losing the wow-factor ?

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