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септември 30, 2010

  • Social Media

    Google Vs. Skype

    I just read on Mashable that there was a web faceoff between Google Voice and Skype. Well certainly it was high time for that… I am a big Google fan, and they keep on…

    септември 30, 2010
  • Fashion Social Media

    „It’s My Time“ According to Benetton

    Benetton has always been innovative and incredibly aesthetically pleasing with their advertising campaigns. Their newest spring/summer 2011 campaign is no exception. The campaign is called „IT’S MY TIME“ and is the epitome of social media and…

    септември 30, 2010
  • Fashion

    Oh that Miu Miu dress… again!

    Miu Miu Appliqué Lace Dress  has been the most popular fashion item in the past couple of months. It is EVERYWHERE! I wonder whether it is on purpose or a mistake of the Miu Miu…

    септември 30, 2010