Axe- Lessons in Being Ridiculous

септември 28, 2010

As a fan of the Old Spice man I feel like I should make a post about the competition- Axe. Unilever have been smart and funny about Axe commercials since forever… If you think about some of the funnies ads in the past Axe’s always comes to mind with the Axe effect and all the women taking their clothes off or doing crazy things because they have been victims of the Axe effect… So Axe=funny and smart, even a bit scandalous (for long long time… )

Now their newest ad I saw on TV the other day is even more ridiculous! I kind of gasped when I saw it, because it was on TV in prime time, and it is funny but yet a bit controversial. It leaves a lot to the imagination, and I think that is the great part of it. Nothing is showed literally… but stated that Axe cleans your balls… all the kinds of them…


It is also interesting to note that the ad was published on YouTube in January 2010, or almost 9 months ago… and it is just now picking up a viral status. Is it because Old Spice was overshadowing it?

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