Saatchi Gallery Impressions

март 23, 2010

Last week I indulged in art at the Saatchi Gallery. I simply love that place.

This it time was not much of my taste. It was super breath taking, to be honest- South-Asian modern art – the exhibit name is „THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: INDIAN ART TODAY“.  However I just honestly think I did not get most of the pieces. They were very strong and influencing with tons of sexual innuendos or creepy imagery, but to be honest I did not understand (I use understand so  don’t have to say like)  most of them.

However there were a couple pieces that I loved!!

Rashid Rana’s – The World is Not Enough and the The Veil Series I, II, & III were great. Very strong and meaningful, yes with hidden messages, but simply wonderful.

“The world is not enough” is beautiful! When you enter the room it seizes you and draws you closer. The patterns in the piece are amazing and mesmerizing, and then… you realize it is all made of garbage.  And the best part is that it is covered in glass, so you can see your reflection in the trash. Pretty cool if you think about it on a deeper level.

The Veil Series is also very cool. It portrays 3 images of women in burqas. But when you go closer you realize that the images are made of other images, that definitely are not THAT covered up, but rather bad word ographic (I am not uploading the image here. if you want to see it click on the link. viewers’ discretion advised :))

And of course there was still Emily Prince‘s  „American service men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan 2004- present“. It is very strong piece. A project made by little drawings of all the Americans who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan. The drawings are miniature pieces of art that carry the pain and emotions from the past 6 years. It is incredibly influencing and moving.

On a final note: people should go to galeries and look at art more often, because you never know what can catch your eye and

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